Executive Portable Toilet Trailer

Executive Portable Toilet Trailer :

Our Executive comes with 2 portable toilets on it. The Executive Portable Toilet Trailer can be fully powered by solar panels, generator or direct electricity . It comes with a surround sound system (FM Amp, radio, CD, MP3 etc.), recess lights, air conditioner and heater, wall to wall mirrors, flushable toilets, upgraded heavy- duty auto-off faucets and wood-free floor construction.

Rent Turd Pumpers Executive trailer for events or special engagement. These full self-sustained toilet trailers are fully powered by solar panels. Our restroom trailers provide a convenient alternative to restroom facilities that require on-site power and water sources. Our Executive restroom trailer is perfect for approximately 280 guests.


  • 30 watt solar panel
  • 35 amp power converter
  • Elegant curved counter tops
  • Full fresh –water flushing porcelain toilet with seal
  • Recess LED ceiling lighting
  • Stainless steel dispensers
  • In-use light
  • Beveled glass mirror
  • Soap, Hand sanitizer, Air freshener, Toilet paper, Toilet seat cover, paper towels,

Turd Pumpers Executive-Portable Toilet Trailer maximizes with Integrity, Services, Sanitation and most of all Premium restrooms to give you the client satisfaction. In addition to our Standard portable restrooms we also, provide Pumping Services for extended rental use.

For more information on the Executive-Portable Toilet Trailer please contact. Turd Pumpers Services for weekly specials.

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