Standard Portable Restrooms

Standard Portable Restrooms:

If you are looking for an adequate restroom, the Standard portable restroom is the one for you. It comes in a single unit; this unit is built and intended for everyday use. This unit is primarily used for construction sites and events.

Rent a Turd Pumpers Standard portable restroom for events and construction sites. Our portable restroom can be delivered throughout the Southern California Areas. (Let the sales team know what you want and we will have it delivered). Turd Pumpers is committed to provide great quality services. All our restrooms are delivered Sanitized and ready for use. The Standard restroom is perfect for approximately 10-12 personnel per unit.


  • Toilet and Seat Deck
  • Sanitary Urinal
  • Paper Tissue Roll
  • Disposable Toilet Seat Covers
  • Air Freshener
  • Hand Sanitizer

Turd Pumpers Standard portable restrooms maximizes with Integrity, Services, Sanitation and most of all Premium restrooms to give you the client satisfaction. In addition to our Standard portable restrooms we also, provide Pumping Services for extended rental use.

For more information on the Standard portable restroom please contact. Turd Pumpers Services for weekly specials.

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